Knight, Death and the Devil (detail), Albrecht Dürer, 1513. Engraving. Hill-Stone, Inc.

The image is engraved directly onto a metal plate, usually made of copper, with a sharp tool called a burin. The plate is inked and wiped clean, before being passed through a printing press.

The plumb-pudding in danger, James Gillray, H.Humphrey, 26 February 1805. Etching and engraving. 257 x 358 mm. With publisher's watercolor.

Foolish Virgins revealing. Jan Saenredam, 1606. Detail of one of a set of five engravings illustrating the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins. Hoolstein Nos. 28-32. 265 x 358 mm. 

L'entomologiste,  Jean Emile Laboureur, 1932-33. Engraving. Signed and annotated Laboureur. HT 2 état, épreuve d'artiste, bon jeu (bon à tirer). 34.4x39.7cm.

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